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Slapshot Franchise

1 3 PolarGeek

In the fictional small town of Charlestown, the town's minor league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs. Houses an eclectic bunch of players.

WolfCop Franchise

1 2 PolarGeek

Lou Garou is an alcoholic (werewolf) cop in the small community of Woodhaven

An American Tail Franchise

1 4 PolarGeek

Follow the adventures of Fievel Mousekewitz, a Russian-Jewish mouse immigrant to the United States in 1885.

Trailer Park Boys Franchise

1 13 PolarGeek

Nova Scotia's trailer parks are colorful thanks to residents Ricky, Bubbles and Julian. Together, they plan mad capers, usually get-rich-quick schemes, with plenty of screw-ups along the way.

Battle Royale - Coleção

1 2 BlackSpirits

Num futuro próximo, os alunos da 3ª classe B da Escola Secundária de Shiroiwa foram levados para uma ilha deserta por um exército misterioso. Um adulto aparece subitamente à sua frente: o seu antigo professor Kitano. Ele diz-lhes que vão participar num jogo cuja regra é matarem-se uns aos outros. Só o último sobrevivente poderá regressar a casa. Kitano apresenta-os a dois novos alunos muito perturbadores. Dispararam tiros para convencer os incrédulos. De acordo com a Lei de Reforma da Educação para o novo século, este sacrifício permitirá formar adultos saudáveis. Abandonados ao seu destino com comida e uma arma, os adolescentes têm três dias para se matarem uns aos outros.

Doidos à Solta - Coleção

1 3 BlackSpirits

Chronicle Mysteries

1 5 Imzadi

Alex is managing editor at the Chronicle. She investigates and solves cold murder cases for her podcast.

Fixer Upper Mysteries

1 3 Imzadi

In the small resort town of Lighthouse Cove, everyone knows that the best man for the job is a woman. And that woman is Shannon Hammer, owner of Hammer Construction Company and an expert in Victorian home restoration and renovation. Through her renovations she will find clues to uncover the housels secret past and in turn become an unlikely sleuth to help crack these unsolved mysteries.

Murder, She Baked Franchise

1 6 Imzadi

This freshly baked new murder mystery introduces Hannah Swensen, a creative and bubbly baker extraordinaire in a sleepy town in Minnesota, where everyone knows each other and secrets don't stay hidden for long. Hannah's bakeshop, the Cookie Jar, is where much of the town's gossip percolates along with the strong coffee.

Emma Fielding Mysteries

1 3 Imzadi

Brilliant, dedicated, and driven, archaeologist Emma Fielding finds things that have been lost for hundreds of years -- and she's very, very good at it. But she seems to be encountering murder and mystery on more and more of her dig sites.

Morning Show Mysteries

1 5 Imzadi

Billie Blessings has gone from beloved chef, restaurant owner, and morning show segment host to #1 suspect in a murder case when one of the executives at the network dies from poisoning. When the head chef at Billie's restaurant is arrested and held as a suspect, Billie takes matters into her own hands by digging deeper into a mystery that could incriminate people close to her while risking her own life in the process. Stars Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox.

The Treasure - Coleção

1 2 BlackSpirits

Categoria 6 - Coleção

1 2 BlackSpirits

Hallmark June Weddings

1 30 Imzadi

Love is in the air in June, one of the most popular months to hold weddings, and Hallmark Channel knows it.

Hallmark Spring Fever

1 68 Imzadi

The snow is melting, flowers are blooming and love is in the air

Bad Guys - Coleção

1 2 BlackSpirits

Darrow & Darrow

1 4 Imzadi

Claire Darrow, a lawyer, fights for what’s right, regardless of whether it makes her a dime. Joanna, Claire’s estranged mother and a lawyer as well, would rather make a profit. They clash on nearly everything, even on the best way to raise Claire’s daughter, Louise.

Sarah, Plain & Tall

1 3 Imzadi

A single New England woman responds to an advertisement by a Midwestern widower in which he asks for a bride to help him raise his two children.

Girlfriends Franchise

1 3 Equinox

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