Points Portal

Contribute Data. Earn Points. Get Rewarded.

In our new Points Portal, you can contribute critical pieces of missing data to records on TheTVDB. Your contributions will not only help our community, but they can also earn you points which can be used toward a free year-long subscription to TheTVDB. The biggest data contributors will be shown on our global leaderboard.

Get Started

How it works:

  1. Users submit data via our always-updated content queue.
  2. Contributed data is then validated both programmatically and by TheTVDB’s moderation team.
  3. If a piece of data is determined to be valid, the user who submitted the piece of data will receive points for that contribution. The amount of points awarded per piece of data differs with each type of contribution.
  4. A free subscription to TheTVDB is awarded when a user reaches Level 2 (the equivalent of earning 1,000 points). More details about what a subscription offers can be found here.

For additional help, questions, or to report a bug in the Points Portal, please create a support ticket. As a reminder, you’ll need to create a separate support account to submit and track your support tickets.