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Season 1

  • S01E01 Three Twins

    • July 15, 2003
    • WOWOW

    Mika is a average young man that is about to have his life turned upside down. After spotting a house on television that appears in a photo that was left to him by his parents he decides to go live their. Its not too long before two girls show up on his door step claiming to possible be his twins, as well as wanting to stay at the house with him. Check out this exciting and brandnew sequel to the popular onegai sensei(onegai teacher).

  • S01E02 We Might Be Related

    • July 22, 2003
    • WOWOW

    Having the same blue eyes, Kamishiro Maiku might be related to one of the girls that has just entered his life. Having faced with this dilemma, they gather around a table, each with their own photograph of this house which might concern their past. The photograph of a little boy and girl.

  • S01E03 We Might Be Strangers

    • July 29, 2003
    • WOWOW

    ""We might be strangers... ""The problem isn't the past… but what happens NOW. Miina, if we really are related by blood, I won't abandon you. I don't want to. I don't want to do something like throwing out a relative!""

  • S01E04 Kind to You

    • August 5, 2003
    • WOWOW

    This episode begins witha recap of what we saw within the last episode. After the intro for episode four it is revealed the Minaa is looking for a job and is having a hard time finding one because most of the jobs require the person to be eighteen or over. While sitting in the bathup with Karen looking over job listings in the news paper, she spots one and proceeds to call and inquire about it, however she forgets to grab a towel. After calling she told that the position has already been filled, at this time Maiku is coming downstairs ans spots the undressed Karen sitting on the floor soaking wet,karen begins calling him pervert and other names and then the episode fast forwards a bit to after thats been cleared up.

  • S01E05 Do You Like Girls

    • August 19, 2003
    • WOWOW

    This episode starts off with Karen and Mina being introduced into their new class. Karen and Mina have taken and passed their school entrance examinations and are now welcomed by admiring peers. Mika listens quietly to the chanting in the next room upon introduction of the girls. The girls later on during their lunch break discuss mika's lack of interest in the opposite sex as well as the rumor going around that he is a moho which is a japanese translation for Homo. The girls decide that they will test mikes sexuality by following him around in skimpy outfits throughout the house and do arousing things. All fails and they decide more drastic steps needed to be taken so they decide to stage a dramatic incident. Mina fakes getting sexually assaulted in a changing room and get mika to believe her, all is going well until mina tries to kiss mika who doesn't act on her advance , but some how ends up kissing karen then getting caught by mizuho , and ichigo. Mike is suspended for three days

  • S01E06 Love Alliance

    • August 26, 2003
    • WOWOW

    This episode begins with Maiku ,Karen and Mina reflecting over the events of the last episode in which they both kissed Maiku. Their is a akward feeling within the house. Both girls are afraid to confront maiku and discuss how their relationships have changed so they attempt to avoid him. Maiku is also feeling very saddened by the current event that have occured and doesn't know what to think or react to what has happened. They all realize that since they may or may no be related the entire situtation is even more complicated.

  • S01E07 Making Memories

    • September 2, 2003
    • WOWOW

    After winning the grand prize in a lottery, Maiku, Miina and Karen head to the beach.

  • S01E08 Be Honest in Love

    • September 9, 2003
    • WOWOW

    Maiku learns the truth of Shimazaki's sexuality. Shimazaki reunites with Tsubaki, whom he was previously in love with.

  • S01E09 Don't Leave Me Out

    • September 16, 2003
    • WOWOW

    On a beautiful day, the three head to the mall, but end up getting lost from each other.

  • S01E10 I Want to Run Again

    • September 30, 2003
    • WOWOW

    Maiku and Karen learn of Miina's past. Karen then find out that the picture of Maiku and one of the girls was taken at a different angle.

  • S01E11 I Want to Tell You I Love You

    • October 7, 2003
    • WOWOW

    After Karen finds out who is the relative, she goes out on a date with Maiku before telling him ( all the while breaking the Love Alliance) that she is his sister. After Karen tells this to Miina, however, she runs away.

  • S01E12 We Are Three Twins

    • October 14, 2003
    • WOWOW

    Miina runs away, but returns to the school without a word. After Karen talks to her, Miina goes to the train station. Maiku runs over there and they let their feelings out with a climactic kiss. In the end the episode shows that their relationship with each other remains the same.